This project was an interesting full apartment renovation. While many of our jobs revolve around increasing natural light to a space, this late 1970s apartment was excessively bright. Our builders were often seen wearing sunnies on the job.  We had the luxury of using deep colours in this apartment to soak up some of the sun and offset our client's art collection.

We set to work to open up the small corner kitchen space, and a second bedroom, to take advantage of the spectacular bay and city views.

Sally is the queen of clever good looking storage, just right for a “collector” like myself.
— Viv

Another challenge was how to conceal the unattractive, yet necessary, fire sprinkler piping that we overcame with a custom-designed pelmet running the perimeter of the apartment.  This served the dual purpose of also housing sheer curtains and roller blinds.

As well as replacing the cold, hard tiles with softer and more comfortable flooring, we replaced all the ceiling lights with beautiful pendant lamps.  New custom cabinetry features throughout the apartment.